Triacys is an independant Life Sciences technology and services company supporting clinical trials with innovative solutions. Our know-­how and experience in new capabilities aim at providing pharmaceutical companies and CROs with patient-­centered services.

Our digital capabilities combine compliance control and advanced clinical monitoring features, allowing patients to participate from home in every aspects of a clinical trial.


Our lead electronic device and customizable software solutions, are designed to measure and improve patient compliance during trials, report drug safety information and collect biological data directly from the patient at home.

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Triacys focuses on phase II, III and IV clinical
trials conducted at the patient home in most therapeutic areas. Triacys clients operate in the pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics and food supplements industries.

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Patient Safety

Triacys contributes to the safety of patients involved in clinical trials in most therapeutic areas


Triacys is committed to providing high quality and accurate technology-­enabled solutions in close relationship with its clients


We are complying with high regulatory requirements : 21 CFR part 11, GAMP 5, ICH