Our know-­how and experience in new capabilities aim at providing pharmaceutical companies and CROs with patient-­centered services.

Triacys operates at the intersection of business and technology.

Because technology is transforming every organization, Triacys, aims at helping its clients, pharmaceutical companies and CROs, to take advantage of technology-­enabled business solutions to improve patient safety and drive value, getting better quality and more reliable data while lowering costs.


Hertsel Adhoute

Hertsel Adhoute . Founder & Chief Executive officer

Hertsel Adhoute is the CEO of Triacys. In addition to chairing the board of directors, he leads the interaction with clients. His commitment is to help clients take advantage of technology based solutions to gain insights from patient data and make faster decisions when conducting clinical trials. Before founding Triacys, he served as President and Chief Scientist at Dermexpert. Hertsel Adhoute earns a PhD in Biophysics.

Jean-Michel Mencia-Huarta . Chief Scientist Officer

Jean Michel Mencia-Huerta is Triacys Chief Scientist Officer. He drives the company’s innovation to building technology-based solutions for clients. He is in charge for maintaining senior level relationships with Clients R&D executives. Jean Michel Mencia-Huerta is a speaker at conferences on clinical trials issues, specifically compliance, biological tests and biomarker analysis. Prior to joining Triacys, he served as Director of the Immunology department at Ipsen-Beaufour and as General Manager of the French facility of Eurofins Medinet (Eurofins group). Jean Michel Mencia-Huerta earns a PhD in Immunology and made a post doctoral fellowship at Harvard medical school.

Hugues Gourbat . Chief Operating Officer

Hugues Gourbat is responsible for leading Triacys operations and overseeing all aspects of strategy and related investments. Prior to joining Triacys, he was managing partner at Accenture. He graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and holds a degree in business administration from Paris university.

Jérôme de Larosière . Vice President Operations

Jérôme de Larosière serves Triacys clients in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries and manages the team of clinical research associates and analysts. Prior to joining Triacys, he was a consultant at LEK Consulting, a leading strategy firm. He graduated from HEC Paris.

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