Our electronic device and software solutions allow patients to participate from home in every aspect of a clinical trial: from informed consent to ‘real-­time’ reporting of clinical and drug safety data, as well as acquisition of biological data through sensors.

1 Compliance

Software guides patients through complex protocol. Camera records images of each actions: drug intake, topic application, use of medical device. Drugs are positively identified by reading a barcode. When compliance is not achieved, corrective actions are performed through the investigator.

2 Questionnaires

Responses to patient questionnaires and daily patient books.

3 Biological data

Validated biosensors can be connected to our device to acquire critical biological data (tensiometer, glucometer, spirometer, uristick reader, ECG).

4 Adverse events

Real time report of patient filled adverse events.

5 Alerts

Alerts can be configured and sent to patients through the investigator.

Data is always
collected in real time

Sent to
secure servers

Analyzed by
skilled operators

Presented to customers
through study-customized

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